my neck would look good with these…

i’m longing to go shopping for new summer styles. but i have no idea what is going to be fitting me in the next few months, of if it will even be wear-able next summer with this changing body of mine (seriously who knew things could shift like this?!?). so my focus has shifted to a few accessories i can wear on my neck. hopefully that won’t grow too…

oh, and #4? it’s from chewbeads. they are baby safe, made with 100% silicone, easily cleanable, have no bpa/pvc/lead/etc, have safety breakaway clasp, and help the baby focus while nursing. i think pebble would just love these!

1. Bourbon Street Bead by Vestique 2. Triple Threat by Vestique 3. Waterfall Necklace by Francesca’s Collections 4. Hudson Necklace by Chewbeads 5. Greta Crinkle Scarf by Scarves dot net 6. Amanda Gingham Scarf by Scarves dot net

what’s on your summer accessory list?

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