what the heck is a surprise wedding? part 3

want to read parts 1 and 2 first?

©2012 Jessica Sands Photography

what were people’s reactions after the wedding? after they found out you got married?

this is a really tough question i’ve been asked. sometimes it makes me tear up a little, and sometimes i’m strong when answering. it’s a little bittersweet.

nate and i both knew our wedding might not be popular with everyone, especially some family members. so we tried to prepare ourselves.

after the wedding we were elated. we were so excited to be married and start a new adventure together. the day after the wedding we told those closest to us we tied the knot, before making it “facebook official”. then we turned off our phones/media and enjoyed our secluded “mini”moon. it was after this time we heard some negativity, were ignored, heard rumors (that i was pregnant, due in october, which is the reason we had to get married…), and got cold shoulders from some people that would have usually congratulated us and been excited for us. it was painful for me (and for nate, who had to console me while i cried!). i had to continually remind myself we had the wedding of our dreams and a day full of love with people who loved us. the whole experience gave me thicker skin.

©2012 Krystal Muellenberg Photography

with the “bitter” part out of the way, we can focus on the “sweet” part, which is the majority of reactions. we received many cards of congratulations and gifts from some people that are closest to us, and also from some we never expected to receive. they praised our wedding decisions, and were proud of us for doing it our way. we received so much love from those around us, and felt so blessed to have these family and friends in our lives.

another huge blessing was the online buzz that was created. people asking how we did our wedding, about our vendors, about our vision, it was amazing (and started the idea for these posts!). we heard from so many people that they wish they did their wedding the way they initially wanted to. we also heard from many people who decided to change their wedding plans to a more intimate affair, like ours. we were so blessed by all the comments and questions.

©2012 Jessica Sands Photography

would you consider wedding planning? would you design paper products for others?

i absolutely would consider wedding planning and also creating custom paper products (i’ve done it for a few friends weddings, and loved it!). i enjoyed every bit of the planning process! i’ve always enjoyed event planning, hosting, etc, so this may be in the works someday!

what’s next for you?

we’ve been married for 3 months now! and are so incredibly happy.

we’re closing on our first house soon…and cannot wait to do house projects.

and…we are busy preparing for our first child!

other than that, it’s just normal life for us. working, cooking, projects, photography, and a whole lot of love.

7 responses to “what the heck is a surprise wedding? part 3

  1. I’m so sorry that you guys had to endure some negativity about your wedding. I for one thought it was the coolest thing and am still so excited about it. I tell my friends and family about your surprise day all the time! I loved it because it was exactly what a wedding should be- a celebration joining two people as one in front of the people that helped form them into the loving people that they (especially you two) are. I’m still so happy for you and even more happy now that you will become a family of three! Congratulations again!

  2. I randomly came across your blog because I was looking for pictures of the Emerson dress on a real person (it’s the dress I’m wearing for me wedding in Feb!) It’s such a beautiful dress on you, I love the way you wore it! Plus your wedding looks absolutely amazing and what a fun way to celebrate your marriage. Best of luck for your future!

  3. What an amazing blog! What an amazing wedding, and what amazing people you are! This brought tears to my eyes when you described your wedding, the meaning of where you grew up, and your Dad. What a wonderful story to share with your little ones someday!

  4. I know this is looong after the fact, but…do you rent/lend out your decor? Or your dress? I’m getting married in Duluth in July 2014 and our vibe is similar to yours!

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