dear pebble (16 weeks)

you’ve been the absolute best of surprises. you’ve given us (and your extended family) so much joy since we found out you’ll be joining our family in january. we cannot wait to meet you, give you hugs and kisses, raise you, and see the amazing person you will be.

your dad and i pray for you multiple times a day. we pray that you’re healthy and strong, that you have 10 little fingers and 10 little toes. that you might be a good sleeper and have a good appetite (especially regarding the food you’ll get from me!). dad prays you’ll have his athletic ability, and my musical ability, but i just pray you won’t be as clumsy as me. we pray for you to have a kind and giving heart, a joyful spirit, a love for Jesus, and adore cuddling with us. we pray for your future, and ours, as we are the ones chosen to parent you.

we imagine you in the future, as a middle schooler, and how much we’ll annoy and embarrass you. we’ve turned into our parents, so we’re a little excited to give you learning and “character building” experiences. we talk about the parenting choices we might make, how we won’t ever always know what we’re doing, but we’ll pray a lot.

you’re 16 weeks and now the size of an avocado! we love that we’re able to track your growth through food terms….boy we hope you’re not a picky eater! you’ve started to grow toenails, can see light, and are growing so fast. i thought i felt you move a little the other day, it just felt like a flutter. we hope to find out if you’re a boy or girl at our 18 week appointment. we’re excited!

now that we’re at week 16, i’m happy to not have to have these close by!

One response to “dear pebble (16 weeks)

  1. So happy for you – it will be the best day of your life the day you give life and hold your newborn child!

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