our days on fern rd

are coming to an end.

tomorrow, we’ll be homeowners.

i’ve spent about 14 years of my life living in the home on fern rd. my favorite place as a child, and a place that was a needed refuge as an adult. a place i never thought i’d be a resident at again, but a place that helped give so much peace and so many memories. before our april-marriage-name change, i was even able to put a dent in the 500 address labels i ordered in the 5th grade. nate and i were blessed to be able to live there in our first 4 months of marriage, as we saved for our house. and we can’t wait to come visit.

but we’re so excited about our new house, the new memories that will be made there. our little family of two setting the house up, preparing to be our little family of three. it’s going to be hard to sleep tonight…

5 responses to “our days on fern rd

  1. Such great memories there for me too! Looking forward to new memories in your new home. So excited for you three.

  2. Creating our pon routine in your basement…one of my favorite memories in your house. I am SO happy for your little family 🙂

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