house tour & weekend renovations…

this is what we came home to last thursday after our closing. a fantastic welcoming from a fantastic friend! (thank you nicole <3)

this is how we spent our first night at our new home: take-out dinner on our new rug listening to the dirty sounds of conway twitty on our crosley, and getting excited about moving in in a few weeks (hopefully…)

and then the work began….we’re thankful for our family who worked so hard!

rest was important too…especially for these hardworking kids!

what we accomplished this weekend:
-primed & painted guest room, pebbles room & kitchen
-tore out one bathroom
-cleaned walls, windows and kitchen
-some weeding
-put patio furniture on deck
-removed the christmas flag from the house
-and took this off:

we’re happy homeowners!

8 responses to “house tour & weekend renovations…

  1. YESSS!!! my biggest question is this – will we be able to roast marshmallows in the fire place? xxoo CONGRATS, friend!

  2. How wonderful! Can’t wait to see it in person soon. We will need to pass off your lights to you so that those can find a place in your happy home! So excited for you my friend!

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