back to school traditions

i (usually) got to pick out a new back pack every year for school. it was something i would get so excited for. when i went to college, this changed to a messenger bag. after college i had the brilliant idea that even though i was no longer in school, i should get a new purse at “back to school time” every year. and this is something i would get extremely excited for.

our new budget doesn’t allow for any fun purchases like this right now. but i’m saving up for a nice diaper bag. here are some of the ones i’m pretty excited over:

1. timi & leslie louise diaper bag 2. petunia pickle bottom sashay satchel/backpack diaper bag 3. petunia pickle bottom journey pack compact diaper tote 4. timi & leslie convertible charlie diaper bag 5. infantino savvy diaper bag 6. soyoung charlie bag 7. timi & leslie rachel convertible diaper bag 8. jj cole satchel diaper bag

do you have any advise on diaper bag shopping?

7 responses to “back to school traditions

  1. I love my petunia bag like #2. It worked great and I love having it as a backpack when both my arms are needed. So fun!

  2. I like the look of #1 but #6 looks like what I would buy for practical space. As a mom of 5 for me having that strap to carry over your shoulder was huge. Once we got past 2 we now carry a cooler with lots of pockets. The big center for cold drinks for the older kids and parents; side pockets for bottles, formula, pacifiers, hand sanitizer; top pocket for diapers and wipes (sometimes extra clothes); and front pocket for snacks. Just consider what you want to carry in it and make sure it has the apprpriate amount of space. It is amazing the amount of things you will truck around with you from now on. In your case, you will want extra clothes, birp cloths, maybe diapers sacks to put dirty diapers in, coverup if you are breastfeeding, and so on.

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