dear pebble (19 weeks)

you’ve started to move like crazy every time i lay down. friday morning was the first time you did this, when i rolled over to my right side. you must not have liked that (or really liked it?), because you let me know. i love that i feel you moving inside me now.

when your dad puts his head on my belly, you go to where he is. and when he moves his hand, you move to where his hand is. you love your daddy already, and daddy loves knowing you’re moving to him, even though he can’t feel you yet.

this weekend your uncle jeff did the “ring test” to see if you’re a boy or girl. and it showed boy. he’s had 4 for 4 accuracy on this test, so we’re convinced. i had a strong feeling you were a boy at the beginning, but i had such a vivid dream you were a girl a couple months ago. we’re counting down the days until we see you and find out (5!).

i’m feeling so protective of you. with you in our family, i think about everything differently, and respond to things differently than i would have 5 months ago. i’m protective of the things and people you’ll be exposed to. last week, i freaked out wondering if there is lead all over our 1940’s house, and worrying that you’ll get lead poisoning. i know the worrying doesn’t do either of us any good, i just want to be the best mother i can to you.

you now weigh about 8 1/2 ounces and measure 6 inches, head to bottom. they say your sensory development is going crazy right now, with your brain designating special areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch. we’re really hoping you have a love for all kinds of foods like us. we’re also hoping you have your dad’s perfect eye sight. and my sense of smell. and the love of cuddling like both your dad and me. you can hear us, so we’ve been talking to you a lot and playing music for you. i played piano this weekend with your cousins. we hope you have a love for all music.

(hopefully a little less than) 21 weeks left to go!

4 responses to “dear pebble (19 weeks)

  1. Beautiful, Sheena! I love your letters to Pebble. I’m so excited for you to be going through this AWESOME experience. You and Nate are going to be such wonderful parents.

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