dear pebble (20 weeks)

we’re halfway there! i can’t believe in 20 (give or take) weeks we’ll be meeting you. we are so excited. it was amazing to see you on the ultrasound. see you move, see your heart beat, your brain. you instantly showed us your boy parts…you’re not shy at all! when the technician tried to take a photo of your profile, you kept moving. oh boy, are you going to be a difficult one to photograph?

a year ago on september 10th, your grandma janet’s birthday, your dad and i saw each other for only the 3rd time since we graduated high school 8 years before. grandma and i were celebrating her birthday by going to an apple orchard with your great aunts and second cousin haily (you’ll come to know her as the girl that babysits for you). after the apple orchard, we stopped at gander mountain to buy kayaks for your great aunt dianne. it was there, in the kayak section, we ran into your dad, your grandpa, your uncle jeff, and cousin gage. your dad and i nervously talked to each other for a little bit. i was thankful for my dress with pockets, because i didn’t know what to do with my hands. i was a little embarrassed i hadn’t responded to his initial message about getting together for over a month. we talked about getting together soon. your uncle jeff later told your dad he needed to pursue me because i was “hot”, to which your dad calmly said “i’m working on it”. your uncle jeff told him to “stop procrastinating and just go get it” (it = me). little did he know how much your dad would quit procrastinating!

the next day, i saw your dad was on facebook and wrote him a message that said: “hey nate, it was good to run into you yesterday, at gander mt. of all places 🙂smilethis week is quite busy, but maybe next week we could get together, if that works for you?”. we messaged back and forth about living at home, moving back to our small community, my love of kayaking, him wanting to try it, and made plans to go on an adventure the next week. the weather didn’t cooperate, so we had to make other plans (eating chili & cornbread and playing mexican train dominos…a perfect night!). we had to postpone that kayaking trip until our honeymoon, 8 months later. we can’t wait to take you some day.

after we had our ultrasound and appointment on monday, we went back to gander mountain, back to where the magic happened one year ago. no longer nervous, or putting hands in pockets, we shared a kiss (gross, i know. you’ll appreciate it later) and talked about what an adventure the year has brought us. we’re looking forward to the adventures that this year will bring us….having you! we bought you a camo onsie to remember the day. your dad said “my boy needs some camo!”. you’ll love hunting with him and being out in the woods with us.

we have another great memory from the day we found out you’re a boy. your dad, aunt becky, grandma janet & i went to texas roadhouse to celebrate your grandma janet (and aunt beckys!) birthday. your grandpa kevin used to love to go there. it’s the place he picked to celebrate the end of his life, so we thought it was fitting to celebrate the beginning of yours. your grandma got on the saddle while the waitress announced her birthday, and your dad snapped this picture while i announced you are a boy! (by the way, you LOVE pulled pork. and sweet potatoes.)

head to toe, they say you’re about the length of a banana now. you now move from when my alarm goes off in the morning (in fact, i think it bothers you when i push the snooze button a few times…your movement really increases, and i imagine you disliking my alarm tone just like your dad), until your dad and i say goodnight to you. i’m really hoping you stay on this schedule. it’s so wonderful feeling you move when i’m at my desk typing, or driving, or standing and talking to people. it’s like our own little secret. you listened to your first vikings game this weekend, it was a win! you’ll be hearing a lot of the announcers voice and the nfl theme song in the years to come.

we love you very much, pebble. we are so blessed by you.

4 responses to “dear pebble (20 weeks)

  1. Wow! Really Sheena? I don’t really want my grandson and whole blog family to see me with my mouth wide open and on a saddle! But it’s not about me! Can’t wait to see, hold, talk, play with him!

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