dear pebble (21 weeks)

you’ve sure had a lot of firsts this week. first time on a plane (i told your dad how much you moved on each flight when the engine started…he said you must be an engine/power boy!). first time meeting some of your amazing aunties and little girlfriend liv (and listening to so much laughter!). first time at the ocean.

we had a fantastic time, but were so excited to get back home to daddy. you probably won’t feel like this some times (if you have your mom’s wanderlust), but there really is no place like home. our home = our family, now. we came home to so many amazing home/lawn improvements and jars of canned tomato sauce your dad made. i think he missed us, too.

fall is my favorite time of year, pebble. i love the smell, the crisp air, getting to wear my fall clothes (i know, you don’t care about that), football, and of course all of the fall foods. will you please have a love of pumpkin, for me? i keep thinking of how next fall might be. you’ll be 8 months, and we’ll get to experience fallen leaves, apple orchards, hikes, your daddy getting deer (hopefully!), and so much with you.

they say you’re the length of a carrot now. that’s long! and you weigh 3/4’s of a pound. you have eyebrows and eyelids. i’m hoping you have your dads dreamy eyes. although i might regret saying that when you’re trying to get out of trouble….


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