dear pebble (22 weeks)

we’re officially 5 months along! well…according to the baby center pregnancy calendar

even though we have a couple names we agree on (and love!) for you, your dad thinks of others for me to say no to. like chester, orathal, marvin, tobias, felix, slyvester (i think he meant sylvester?), dolf, abraham, sven, gunther, javier, blaze nathan (so you can be blaze’n sieg). and he’s still really holding on to cleatus or barry (don’t worry, not in the top few we have planned). oh goodness. i can just imagine the nicknames your dad will have for you. maybe your nickname will always be pebble.

you’re now the length of a spaghetti squash (and boy, have i been craving squash!) and weigh almost a pound. your lips, eyelids, and eyebrows are becoming clear, you’re starting to look like a little person. you’re brain is growing rapidly, and i’m making sure to take prenatals with dha (and eating fish when i can!) for that brain development.

we just can’t wait to meet you and see who you’ll become.

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