fall walk

fall is my season. i love it. everything about it. the clean air, colors, light. it makes me feel alive.

it’s so fitting that nathan and i fell in love in the fall. the fall adventures we had in the woods helped us know each other more deeply. knowing that he appreciated trees, beauty in little details, exploring the outdoors, solidified how compatible we were. we love exploring together. it makes us feel alive. (plus he looks hot in sweaters. seriously. makes me bite my bottom lip.)

we went for a walk last night. nate told me to bring my camera to shoot some of these details i love so much. and then we decided he should bring the shotgun, in case he found us a grouse for dinner. we both were successful shooters! (i’ll post more of what nate shot another day…)

oh. that man. bite my bottom lip…

3 responses to “fall walk

  1. Hey, Sheena – just wanted to let you know that I love your eye for photography and design. I’m a HUGE fan of the Siegs! Keep the blog posts coming… I read ’em all. Love you, cousin!

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