dear pebble (23 weeks)

i can’t believe we get to meet you in 4 months. although i’ve been antsy and just want it to be january now….i’m getting nervous we won’t have time to get everything done before you arrive. our house progress is a lot slower than we anticipated. i just want everything set up and to be moved in now. i’m being tested in learning patience, pebble. something that is so important in being your mother. we’ll teach you patience too, in so many “character building” experiences. i know you’ll be frustrated sometimes with us. but you’ll learn to work through it. i’m reading in bringing up bebe about how good frustrating your children is for them. you won’t have everything instantly. i won’t have everything i want instantly. we’ll self-soothe together.

they say you’re more than 11 inches long and weigh more than a pound! i feel you moving all day long, and your dad was finally able to really feel you kick. your grandma j even felt you the other day. i love it. your lungs are developing (praying they’ll be clear and asthma free!). i wonder what our talking sounds like to you, or when we listen to music. they say you can feel when i dance or move, and noises are becoming familiar now to you. keep growing strong, pebble!

your dad got a little jealous that i got weekly photos, and he didn’t. so…we’re tracking the progress of his hunting beard. from now until hunting season, he’s not going to shave it. here we go!

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