dear pebble (24 weeks)

your dad and i like to go on adventures. especially spontaneous ones. i’m trying to fit in as much as we can before we get to add you to our family. your dad took me on a picnic at the island by your grandma j’s house last week. we went for a long four-wheeler ride and ended up deer shining. last week we also took a spontaneous trip up north to ashland, bayfield, hurley. it’s those spontaneous trips i’m afraid i’m going to miss. your dad is more of a ‘last minute’ romantic, and we’ll have to plan a little better now. i was really hoping to go on a babymoon before your arrival, to get out of town with your dad. but with the house projects and (spontaneous) car trouble and being busy, we’ll have to postpone this until you’re ready to stay with one of your incredible grandparents (hopefully it won’t be too far postponed!). i’m really trying to have a good attitude about not getting to go out of town for a weekend before your arrival, but i must admit i cry and pout a little about it when it’s brought up, or when i think about it. i truly am grateful for the little adventures we’re able to have, and i truly am excited to have you in our lives! you are an incredible blessing. there will be change. for your dad and me and for our relationship. and change is scary, sometimes.

you’re now the length of an ear of corn, and will soon start to plump up. we’re wondering if you’ll be small like your dad, or super chubby like me as a baby. we’re also wondering if you’ll arrive early, like me (2.5 weeks!), or late, like your dad (2 weeks!). so much to wonder about with you, little one. like hair, if you’ll have it (this week is the week your hair begins to grow on the head!). dimples? eye color. voice? i think about you and what you might be like so many times a day. your hand and footprints are forming. i cannot wait to kiss those little fingers and toes. you’re doing karate kicks right now. i’m sure you’ll be a fast mover. when your dad puts his arm on my belly, you kick him. sometimes he gets you all riled up at night, by rolling you around. it’s not as much fun for me and my bladder as it is for your dad!

here’s your dad’s beard growth! he can’t wait to give you whisker rubs….

3 responses to “dear pebble (24 weeks)

  1. i love your posts…thank you for being so honest & vulnerable about this stage of planning. i would tear up, too! but not as much, i bet, as you tear up at thoughts of giggles, kissable toes & cheeks, snuggling…

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