minneapolis food tour =

a pregnant woman’s dream.

last weekend nathan and i went on the downtown-northeast minneapolis food tour….an amazing gift from some amazing friends! it was a cloudy/rainy day, but it was a perfect eating-all-day weather. hey, we walked a lot too.

we started our day at the mill city farmers market, where we had beef tongue tacos (nate claims they were the best tacos he’s ever eaten), the best blue cheese nate has ever had, and the best donut both of us have ever had (pumpkin bavarian cream twist!).

after having our breakfast/snack, we started the food tour. we had fresh veggies at local d’lish, neapolitan pizza at punch pizza, sausage & varenykyat at kramaczuk’s, yak pot stickers and cabbage/onion fried in chickpea batter at gorkha palace, and lemon cream boughatsa, chocolate hazelnut boughatsa, and baklava at gardens of salonica. we loved being able to walk the city and try all of the foods.

adorable tour guide!

thank you so much for the fun date gift, friends! ❤

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