dear pebble (25 weeks)

heartburn. difficulty sleeping. leg cramps. sore hips. sore back. hips popping. poor memory. headaches. feeling dizzy. peeing 2+ times a night. peeing 12+ times a day. packing on 15 pounds.

it’s all worth it when i feel you move, and know you’ll be in my arms in 15 weeks (give or take). sometimes i can’t believe i’m growing a human. i’m growing you. when i think about it i feel amazed and vibrant (cheesy?). people say we’re glowing (although i think it’s more to do with my new facial scrub…).

we were able to hear your incredibly strong heartbeat last friday. your heartbeat actually sounded like a heartbeat, instead of just the wooshing. you like to show off by moving during all of our appointments. i finally went to the chiropractor this week to see if it would help my back and hips. you moved the whole time.

you now weigh about a pound and a half, and are 13 1/2 inches long! they say you can touch your feet and make a fist. i feel you rolling sometimes, especially in the mornings. you’re still mostly on my schedule, being active from 5am until 10pm. last week you moved a little in the middle of the night and kept me awake. are you preparing me for middle of the night feedings? please stay on my schedule?

your dad and i went to a few baby stores last weekend. it was a little overwhelming seeing all the stuff they make you think is necessary have to offer. we came to the realization you only actually need diapers, my milk makers, onesies, and a place to sleep. that made it a little easier trying to figure out what to register for. your mema & papa (grandma & grandpa sieg) and aunt becky have already gotten you some adorable outfits. we like to hold the outfits in our arms and imagine you inside them. we’re weird, i know. but just wait until you go through it someday:)

we’re not the only ones that are growing, pebble.

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