dear pebble (26 weeks)

guess what, pebble? we’re 6 months into this. 6 months!

i don’t know where the time has gone, and yet, i can’t remember having a (semi) flat stomach. or hip bones that stuck out. those ribs? those are hidden now, too (don’t worry, you find them. and kick them. often). i also can’t remember not being able to feel your amazing movements. or knowing that you’re my son. it feels like we’ve been together forever, pebble.

i’m a little bit emotional, pebble. ‘little bit’ might be an understatement. your dad talks to you almost every night and morning. the other night he said “i love you pebble. and you know what? i love your mom too. so much”. [insert tears.] the very best gift we can give you is loving each other and loving God. our marriage will reflect who you will grow to be. and how you will be in your future relationships. your dad and i make mistakes. we’re still learning each other. but my promise to him in our vows was to always work on our relationship. to always love, respect, and care. to never divorce. to put God first. we have hard days when i don’t want to show love. when i’m stubborn and prideful. but for you, pebble, and for your dad, i promise to keep God and our marriage my number one priority. to respect your father. to be a team. i love your father very much, and i can’t wait for you to meet him. to mimic him. to think he’s the coolest person in the whole entire world. like i do.

you are now the length of a english hothouse cucumber (what on earth is that?)….or 14 inches. almost 2 pounds, you’re putting on some baby weight! you can hear our voices, and your lungs are developing even more. another thing you’re probably pretty excited about? your testicles are descending (or as your dad put it…”our boys nuts are dropping!”). yay!

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