showered with love

last weekend my incredible girlfriends threw pebble and me a woodland baby shower. they went all out. it was so fantastic!

we learned things like owls lay eggs. and have babies named owlets. we ate some amazing fall foods. we donned some great props for a photo booth. we saw the amazing talent of amy and jill in their party decor and diy gifts, and i felt so spoiled by being gifted so much by everyone there (and afar!). we talked. and laughed. and i was absolutely showered with love. i feel so blessed to have these incredible women in my life!

here are some photos of details/friends before i got distracted by all the fun!

adorable grandma j writing in ‘wishes for pebble’

one of the amazing hosts, amy!

hosts jill & amy!

alishia and kinley with new mama jen!

sarah telling about her seriously horrible week (involving a break-in and baked up sewage and working out of town….) and still smiling!

mobile made by amy!

beautiful kinley!

the best sisters & mother (in-laws!)

thank you, friends!

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