dear pebble (27 weeks)

countdown: 17 days until hunting season. 88 days until your expected arrival!

i have a confession, pebble. i’ve been freaking out a little lately. and getting overwhelmed. i don’t know if this is because i sleep awful at night (too hot/too cold. your dad breathing too loud. left side of my body aching. back aching. nightmares about your baby registry. getting up to pee. getting up to drink some almond milk. i move to try to get comfortable, then you move like i’ve waked you. looking at the clock knowing i’ve been up for 2.5 hours without sleep at 3am…). or if it’s because we’re not moved in to our home yet. or if it’s because you could be here in 10-15 weeks and i don’t feel prepared? it could be all of those things. your grandma j said i’m too intense. and not fun. i’m trying to be fun. i’m just so tired.

but we’re spoiled, pebble. by your dad. he takes care of us. he works hard, and then spends hours making a fantastic dinner for us. he rubs my back, and stays to the opposite side of the bed when i push him away because i’m too hot, and isn’t offended. he knows how to calm me down, and speak truth and sense into my exhausted brain. he’s golden.

we were also spoiled last weekend by a bunch of your aunties (blood and non-blood aunties) and grandmas. they gave us a wonderful shower. i’ve been carrying the diaper bag they gave us around the house (#2 from this post!). and holding your clothes. and looking at the books. and bottles. and your first cloth diaper. so excited to see it on your little bum!

i spoiled myself a little, too, by getting some new maternity friendly clothes. they’ll be getting worn out in the next few months! your grandma j spoiled us by getting an extremely nice hotel in minneapolis….that bed and shower were fantastic!

you now weigh two pounds, are about 14-15 inches long. the size of a small pot roast. mmm…pot roast…. you have sleeping and waking times, open and close your eyes. you have a very active little brain. and very active little legs. your dad and i were able to see your ninja kicks last weekend, you had my belly just rolling! can’t wait to see those little legs, pebble!

oh, and pebble? wait until your dad takes you hunting. and to the shack. you’ll love it out there.

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