dear pebble (28 weeks)

we’ve passed into the third trimester, pebble!

2/3’s of the way done in our wait to meet you. where has the time gone?

now that we’re in the third trimester, all i can think about is your delivery. i know nothing goes to plan…but will it be close to what we have planned? i’ve been praying for your delivery. praying it’s safe and peaceful and not complicated. praying for the worries i have. praying for the midwife that’s there to ‘catch’ you.

your dad told me to be prepared for him being annoyed during labor/delivery. um, what? to which he got a ‘what the he** are you saying?!? you’re walking a fine line, mister…look’. he explained a little more that he hates waiting for people (so you better not get in the habit of arriving places late….i.e. your curfew. because you’ll be grounded 1 day for every 1 minute you’re late. both sets of your grandparents had that rule for your father & me…so we might even be rougher on you…). your dad hates waiting especially when it’s for someone he’s so excited about meeting. and we might have to wait awhile for you, when you’re so close to being in our arms. that will be annoying, i agree. but it’s all the process to have you. and once you’re in our arms, the painful waiting period memories will disappear.

you make me feel beautiful, pebble. especially beautiful to your father. i love the smile your dad gets when he looks at my bulging belly. the look in his eyes when he feels your movement. how his face lights up when he calls me ‘mom’ or ‘ma’. it makes me feel like the most special and treasured woman on earth.

you now weigh 2.25 pounds, and are about 15 inches long. you can taste and smell, blink your eyes, and produce tears. your job is to finish developing that brain, lungs, and liver. my job is to make sure you have the good nutrients you need, get rest, and stop stressing. let’s get to work, pebble!

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