things i didn’t know…

before i got pregnant. (2nd trimester)

1. how fast the switch could happen from feeling nauseated and sick every day, to feeling great. and then to feeling exhausted again…

2. how real it would make this pregnancy feeling pebble kick. and being able to see my belly dance with his movements. incredible.

3. oh the comfort that is full panel maternity pants/leggings.

4. that i would be advised to only sleep on my left side. what? sore hips/shoulder. ear falling asleep. dreaming of the day i can sleep on my stomach and back all night long.

5. moles popping out? weird stringy eye gunk? infections? my body is weird.

6. how difficult it would be to figure out what baby products are needed/wanted.

7. emotions. how i would take things so differently. (i do not recommend being exposed to hunger games for the first time when pregnant.)

8. how much more love i could feel for nathan. when he looks at my belly with pride. when he is so extremely patient. when he talks to his son. love him.

what things surprised you about the second trimester?

3 responses to “things i didn’t know…

  1. How much I love food! I want to eat all the time! And also, how good it feels when my friends, coworkers, and random strangers smile when they look at me.

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