dear pebble (29 weeks)

have i told you how thankful i am that God brought you in our lives, pebble? i’m so filled with gratitude every time i feel you move. and when i think about how our lives have changed in a year. we’re extremely blessed. i always want you to know how thankful i am for you. our gift.

our family is a gift too, pebble. your great-grandpa baughman turned 95 yesterday. i cannot wait for you to meet him and your other great grandparents. what an amazing legacy they are leaving for you.

your dad is getting pretty excited for hunting season, pebble. i love seeing his anticipation. it reminds me of your grandpa kevin.

hunting season was always my favorite time of year growing up. i think a lot of it had to do with your grandpa’s anticipation. and a week off from school. the first snowfalls. putting up the christmas tree with your grandma j. listening to mariah carey merry christmas. making pies and cookies. going shopping (so exciting when the closest shopping is 1 hour away!). waking up with your grandpa kevin at 4:30am to help pack his sandwich and make coffee, then falling asleep on the couch next to the christmas tree. getting excited to go hunting (really, for the fourwheeling and left over halloween kit kats your grandparents wouldn’t let me eat until that week). celebrating my birthday. your grandpa kevins birthday. pumpkin pie. grandma j’s stuffing. the anticipation of christmas. it was always a magical 10 days.

it’s different now, with your grandpa kevin gone. last year was hard. this year might be hard too. but i’m so excited for next year, pebble. introducing you to blaze orange. first snowfalls. christmas music. turkey. the shack. getting to see your dad’s excitement and anticipation. you will bring so much joy to us.

here’s one of your grandpa kevin’s favorite pictures of me as a child, pebble. your dad and i are excited to see you hunt someday. you’ll love that bonding time with your dad, papa, cousins, uncles. and hopefully you like eating venison as much as we do.

you now weigh as much as a butternut squash (2.5 pounds) and are over 15 inches long. your head is growing bigger to make room for your growing brain (not too big, please?). your adrenal glands are now producing this chemical that will help me feed you. it’s amazing how we work together, pebble. we met with one of our midwives last friday, and she said you’re already head down. i knew that, of course, since you’ve been kicking my ribs. you’re getting positioned to make your entrance into this world. i can’t wait for that day!

we’re almost to the end of the beard growing, pebble. i have to admit i love a beard on your dad. he’s so handsome!

4 responses to “dear pebble (29 weeks)

  1. YOU ARE ADORABLE! Adorable pregnant and the photo of you from when you were little is so cute that it made me laugh out loud. Thanks for keeping us all posted on how you are doing and the life experiences you are having during this time. I love it!

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