dear pebble (30 weeks)

we can now count the weeks down on our fingers, pebble! 10. left.

this week is about remembering thankfulness, pebble. i am so thankful. thankful for you. for your dad. for our amazing immediate and extended family. for our incredible friends. thankful that we have a home. thankful we can stay with gramma j while our home is being worked on. so thankful to God for all He’s blessed us with.

but i have to admit, i’ve had the blues this week, pebble. it’s been a hard week. maybe it’s that it’s now dark when i leave work in the evenings (and all i want to do is take a walk. outside). maybe it’s coming off a great weekend full of people and fun. maybe it’s missing your dad and having very limited contact with him for the last 5 days (until he surprised me during lunch yesterday!). maybe it’s that i’m getting so frustrated that our plumber hasn’t hooked up our showers and turned on our water so we can move in. so i can “nest” at our home. what used to be my favorite week of the year, is now one i just want to be over with this year. i want my blues to be over.

i feel bad having the blues. i feel convicted that i’m putting my joy in people & things. the reality is that you, your dad, our family, our friends…. cannot be my source of joy. being in our home, having water that works, getting new furniture, getting things for you…. cannot be my source of joy. my source of joy needs to be rooted in the Lord. because everything else is temporary. it’s a lesson that i want to teach you, pebble. and oh, do i need to learn it myself. daily.

i’m so thankful we’re at 30 weeks, and getting closer to meeting you. please stay in and grow to full term! you’re almost 16 inches long, and weigh almost 3 pounds. you’ve doubled in height over the past 6 weeks! you have me wondering what size you’ll be when you’re born….what day you’ll decide to enter this world…if you’ll have hair or not…if you’ll look more like your dad or me. can’t wait to find out!

6 responses to “dear pebble (30 weeks)

  1. look at that beard, nate!!! what a studly hunter man! cute belly, sheena! just to confirm, you’re not going to hypnotize me during the birth, are you? πŸ™‚ xxoo happy thanksgiving, friend!

  2. i have to giggle over jess’s comment. BUT I also have to say I am learning the same lesson this “season” too. so I appreciate this post more than i can say. thinking of you!

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