dear pebble (31 weeks)

7 months, pebble! we’re 7 months. 9ish weeks to go until we meet you.

the 28th…it seems to be a big number in our lives. my golden birthday. your dad and my wedding anniversary. your due date. the date your grandpa kevin died. since 28 is such a reoccurring number, i believe this is going to be a fantastic year for your father and i. we’ll be able to remember it as the year we had our first child. the year we moved into our home. our first year of marriage. you might hear us tell stories that start off with “remember when we were 28 and did this?”.

it’s hard to believe your father and i have been married for 7 months already. sometimes it seems like so much longer. and sometimes i have to look at photos to remember that we did have a wedding, that your father is my husband. i love calling him my husband. your grandma janet and i watched the video from our wedding last week (when i was missing your dad) and i can’t wait for you to someday watch it, and have us tell you the story. our love story. you’ll probably roll your eyes. and get annoyed with how we love each other. but someday you’ll appreciate it. and you’ll tell your children how their grandma and grandpa met.

you sure are a mover, pebble. your head is down, and i feel you kicking my ribs all day long. you’re long…over 16 inches maybe? and you’re over 3 pounds. they say you can turn your head from side to side. i wonder all the time what it’s like in there for you. you are such a miracle!

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