what’s on my phone

nate and i got new phones for each other for our birthdays. yay! here’s what was on my phone this week:

the present:

livi the hunter dog….was embarrassed about her vest. suchadiva.

so thankful for this bump. so thankful for new life.

love = sitting/hiking in the woods with your husband on a cold day. love him. love exploring with him.

nice rack, nate! thank you for providing for your family 🙂

these size 10 feet have never looked small. until now.

birthday breakfast = fig, banana, spinach smoothie. with whipped cream. because i’m 28 and can be crazy like that.

birthday present courtesy of flex spending account and warby parker. thankyouverymuch!

homemade birthday infinity scarf…thank you, amy!

birthday pumpkin pie….thanks so much, mama j!most beautiful thing = water = getting to move into our house!IMG_20121129_170316cyber monday purchase arrived….the beco gemani carrier! naturally we had to practice by putting pillows in it…IMG_20121129_203304

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