dear pebble (32 weeks)

dear pebble pictures 32 wk

guess what, pebble? we moved into our home!

even though we have no door/tile/sink/mirror in our bathroom, have boxes and stuff everywhere, we are thrilled to be living in our home. living there. we were so excited to take off our shoes at the door during our lunch break on monday. because it means it’s no longer just our work zone. it’s our home.

your dad and i sat by our fireplace on sunday night and talked about how excited we are to make memories in our home. we can just hear your little feet on our hardwood floors. hear you crack your door open to see what we’re doing instead of going to sleep. we can see you playing in our yard. exploring the path by the river. i cannot wait for your first memories to be in our home. it’s filled with love already. just waiting for you, pebble.

i started doing a little bit of christmas decorating, although our rule is it cannot be done until after your dads birthday, which was yesterday. so i’m allowed now. do you know how wonderful your dad is, pebble? he spent his birthday evening at a birthing class with me, to learn how to support us in labor.

you weigh about 4 pounds now, and are about 17 inches long! you’ve been sticking your feet up higher and higher, where it feels like i have to sit as straight as i can. your dad tried to move you down a little bit, but you were fighting him. we laughed about how that’s already started….

nate beard 10

2 responses to “dear pebble (32 weeks)

  1. You are at 32 weeks already, that went fast. Now that you will soon be at weekly appointments, It really goes fast. Unless your late, then it seems like eternity.

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