dear pebble (33 weeks)

dear pebble pictures 33 wkit’s beginning to look a lot like christmas, pebble! and your mama loves it. we got our first real snow last weekend, and it looks so beautiful covering the trees. the salt lines left on my boots are not beautiful, however, but i’ll live with it.

your dad and i have been absolutely loving our house. and preparing it for christmas. we’ve lived there a little over a week, and it feels like home. we have a wreath on the door, fireplace is almost always lit, pine candles and cinnamon sticks scent the home, the tree is decorated, and on the mantel hangs two stockings (next year it will be three!). your dad is patient with me as we listen to christmas music. we can’t wait to introduce you to our favorites some day. mine = o holy night. this = your dads. we might have different styles of christmas music….but one thing is the same. we are thankful for God bringing His light into the world through Jesus. thankful for the manger. thankful for the promise He brings. more than introducing you to our favorite christmas traditions, we can’t wait to teach you about Christ.

we had another appointment with our midwife on friday, and she said if your heartbeat is any indication of your personality, you’re going to be one calm and easy going baby. you were kicking the monitor wherever she placed it. you’re a pretty funny little guy. you now weigh over 4 pounds and are passed 17 inches. your skeleton is hardening, and you’re looking more like a baby than a little alien. we can’t wait to see you!

nate beard 11

2 responses to “dear pebble (33 weeks)

  1. 33 weeks, sheena!!!! wow. so close to meeting pebble. so impressed with nate’s facial growth… 🙂

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