dear pebble (34 weeks)

dear pebble pictures 34 wkoh pebble, i have a heavy heart this week. there was a terrible school shooting and many children died. it’s been hard to process the details of this tragedy, and my heart breaks for the families of the victims, as well as the family of the man who did this.

i know your father and i won’t always be able to protect you. right now i’m able to keep you safe as best i can, protected inside me. but in 6ish weeks that won’t be the case. tragedies happen. and they could happen to us. we could lose each other.

so i pray. i pray for our hearts. i pray for those who have lost. for protection. for peace. for people to have hope.

you have been stretching out lately, baby. i feel you lower and lower every day, and also higher into my ribs. i have a long torso, so i’m thinking you’ll be a pretty long baby if you’re stretching like this. you’re almost 18 inches long, and weigh about 4 3/4 pounds. i’ve felt so much pressure in my uterus the last few days. it makes me really excited that you could arrive in a month. please don’t go way over your due date…we’re so excited to meet you.

nate beard 12

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