dear pebble (35 weeks)

dear pebble pictures 35 wk

20121225-IMG_9105your dad and i were able to celebrate our first married christmas. in our new home. it was so wonderful, pebble, waking up with your dad on christmas morning. opening our stockings. eating breakfast on the couch while watching an episode of arrested development on the computer. it was our last quiet christmas morning for many years to come. although we welcomed the peaceful morning, we cannot wait for your giggles and energy next christmas. we cannot wait to see it through your little eyes.

i cannot believe we’re at the 8 month mark. that you will be with us in 33 or less (or more!) days. although i’m counting down the days to meeting you, i’m hoping time goes by slow for the next 33 days. we have so much to do. so much to prepare for. your room is a mess. we’re still sleeping on the bunk bed in the guest room. i haven’t washed any of your clothes. we don’t have the car seat installed. we have our hospital packing list, but need to pack. so much to do. i feel frantic sometimes and feel like i’m not organized. but i feel so much more calm when i think of snuggling with you. watching your dad with you. it will all get done. and what doesn’t, won’t matter.

we’re sure growing, pebble. now people are really commenting on how big we are. my feet have started to swell a bit, and i really feel it in my cheeks. i have a bit of the waddle, especially when i’m tired. you’re now over 18 inches long, and are over 5 pounds! your physical development is complete, just keep putting on some weight, little man. we can’t wait to kiss your cheeks!

i did a little trimming of your dad’s beard this week. here’s how photos with him usually go. are you going to be the same?

20121225-IMG_9072 20121225-IMG_9073 20121225-IMG_9076 20121225-IMG_9079



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