dear pebble (36 weeks)

dear pebble pictures 36 wkwe just entered your birth month (hopefully!) and birth year! i cannot believe it’s january. 2013. i’ve been looking at this month on my calendar since we found out about you in may. 26 days until our due date. where did the time go?

i’m often a little sentimental, pebble. i love starting a new year, and thinking about the awesome things of the year before. 2012 was quite the year for your father and me. we planned our perfect wedding and got married. received the incredible surprise of you, baby. bought a house. pretty amazing things.

i’m so excited to start 2013 with you and your dad. our little family. you are coming at the perfect time. our little blessing.

you now might be 6 pounds, 18 1/2 inches long. who knows? i think you’ll be a good sized baby. they say you’re shedding body hair, and shedding that vernix. we’re just patiently waiting for you, now. please wait until your room is finished to enter the world?

20130101-IMG_9318 20130101-IMG_9321

one of the things i’m looking forward to most in 2013? snuggling with you and your dad. early morning family time.


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