dear pebble (37 weeks)

dear pebble pictures 37 wk

oh baby, you’re getting so close to being here with us. i would be lying if i said i wasn’t a little bit nervous about what the next few weeks will bring. you see, pebble, your mom is a planner. she likes to know the whats, wheres, whens, and hows. and birthing you = totally unpredictable. nothing goes to plan. or everything could be just as i’ve imagined it. i’ve been making lists and checking off the things i’ve prepared, but the truth? you could come when i’m not prepared. you (and your go-with-the-flow father) are teaching me how to be more adaptable. how to be okay when things aren’t as i expected them to be. how to let go and watch 3 episodes of arrested development when your dad says to be done working for the night. it’s an important lesson for me, pebble, because i want to let go and focus on you when you arrive. i don’t want to have a million things that i want to cross off my to-do list and miss out on you. teach me to slow down and soak it in, okay?

some of the things i was happy to cross off the to-do list were: installing your car seat, kind of setting up your nursery, washing your clothes, and packing for the hospital. we might not have a door on our bathroom (sorry, visitors!) or everything else in our house set up, but i feel ready for you. i’m ready to be done with being pregnant right now….ready to be done with the waddle, swollen feet, swollen behind, heartburn, middle of the night insomnia (at least when you arrive it will be me + you time!)….

they say you could be 19-21 inches and 6-7 pounds. you’re now full term!

dear pebble pictures 37 wk2

One response to “dear pebble (37 weeks)

  1. I had my first at 37 weeks. It was not bad. My water broke at home while vacuuming and did not have any contractions till I got to the hospital. Did not have her till the next morning though. Having five, not one of my deliveries was the same. All different. You will do great. They tell you what to do.

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