christmas cheer


if you had gone to visit my grandpa john (and he liked you), he would have offered you a shot of “christmas cheer”. no matter what time of the day or night. he loved his christmas cheer. it was, of course, the cure for a cough. or any sickness. and should be sipped slowly.

he got this recipe from another man and wouldn’t share it for the longest time. a few years ago, though, he started giving it away. the last time i had a shot of it was after his funeral last spring. he made it to 99.

we picked raspberries and blackberries this year and made a batch. although i didn’t get to try it this christmas, after pebble’s birth i’ll have a sip!

grandpa john’s christmas cheer
1 quart of brandy (korbel was grandpa john’s favorite)
2 cups sugar
mix brandy & sugar. let stand and stir each day for 3 days.  add 2 quarts of raspberries or blackberries and put in a dark cool place for 3 months. strain, serve and enjoy! i highly recommend saving the drunken berries for an ice cream topping…
20121225-IMG_9124isn’t mama j adorable?

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