dear pebble (39 weeks)

dear pebble pictures 39 wk

oh goodness pebble, the suspense is just killing me. when are you going to arrive?

i think i’ve hit a bit of a melting point. i just want you to be here. i want to be done carrying you on the inside. i want to hold you.

but i have a feeling you want to be a february baby. all along i thought you might come early. but now? i’m thinking you will probably choose the coldest, snowiest day to arrive. your dad said if you’re anything like him, you won’t listen to being told what to do. he said bribing might help. we promise to make a huge celebration of the day you’re born every year if you come soon. πŸ™‚

lord, give me patience if you don’t come by your due date…

7 responses to “dear pebble (39 weeks)

  1. i loved my contraction counter app. ha! I still have the contractions on there from Grant! Good luck in the last week(ish). it is definitely the hardest time to wait!

  2. Hey Sheena,
    You are as beautiful as ever! I know it’s so hard to wait…especially for your first! AA was 10 days late! Here is a little advice: Cherish each of these last moments of this pregnancy! Enjoy your time with Nate! It is so precious! Sleep! Know that what you are about to embark (labor & delivery wise) has been done by millions of women! Remember, “you are fearfully and wonderfully made”! God designed women to carry, deliver & care for babies! You can do it! Can’t wait to see picts of little Pebble!

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