what’s on my phone

i had been craving a spicy bloody mary and burger for the longest time. having it for brunch? amazing. IMG_20130120_100040


playing banjo to mumford & sons. love their little voices singing “i will wait”!        IMG_20130125_085207

nate made this while i cleaned. i love him and the salads he makes!IMG_20130121_185329

i was really hoping this would be the day pebble came. look at that sky!IMG_20130124_072005

can you guess what the tin foil packages are in the freezer? #postpardum preparations…IMG_20130125_065954

drinking this twice a day. come on uterus!IMG_20130125_085015

looking at silly hats/outfits online just kills me. can’t wait to see him in some of the silly stuff!IMG_20130125_085126

friday morning breakfast by nate. mmm.IMG_20130125_072932

One response to “what’s on my phone

  1. i keep hoping you’re at the hospital having the little babe, and then i see something pop up on pinterest from you…and now this. maybe he remembers that the 28th is a special day in the family 🙂

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