dear pebble (40 weeks)

dear pebble pictures 40 wkpebble, you’ve missed your due date. it’s not a big deal, i’m just so anxious to meet you. 36 weeks ago i found out you would be joining our family, and these last few days are just torture waiting for you. if you have more developing to do, stay in for a little longer. if you’ve just gotten comfortable in there, i promise you’ll be comfortable out here too, after awhile.

you’ve dropped quite a bit, and my ribs thank you. we’re effaced and dialated some, and feeling those tightening contractions everyday. all signs that you will in fact be born. my goal is to enjoy each day, get rest, and prepare my heart for your arrival. but it’s tough, little one. i feel like i’m not doing enough to get you here faster. everyone has advice on things to speed the process along…..walking, stairs, vacuuming, tea, hot shower, bouncing on the ball….and i’m doing all of those things. you’ll just come when you’re ready. i just wish you were ready now. because i want to hold you on my chest. smell you. see your face. hear the sound of your cry. although i feel like i’ve known you the last 36 weeks, i desperately want to meet you, son.

your dad has been so great to me, pebble. although he dislikes waiting too, and is so excited for the day he’ll finally get to time our contractions, he helps me be patient. when i was feeling a little down, he sent me this. he’s a great encouragement. i can’t wait to see the two of you together.

20130127-IMG_9520 20130127-IMG_9524

4 responses to “dear pebble (40 weeks)

  1. i’m teary, too! love how you’re honest about but wrestling to find peace in the space between where you’re at now & finally being a family of 3. praying…

  2. Aaaah Sheena, he’ll be here soon and the wait will well be worth it! Hopefully your next post will have pictures of the little man. You’re all in our prayers!

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