dear thatcher (week 1)


oh goodness, son, you have turned my life upside down. in the most amazing way, of course. like being on a fantastic rollercoaster, we’ve experienced the apprehension, but also the joy and excitement as you’ve turned my heart over and over. and the giddyness that the ride isn’t over. we get to do this everyday, baby.

you’ve also turned me into a pile of mush. i don’t know how many times a day i tell you how beautiful you are, and how many times i kiss those full cheeks of yours. the faces you make just make my heart burst. the way you purse your lips and raise your (almost non-existant) eyebrows at me. or the way you smile at me after eating (which makes the 7+ hours of constant feeding so worth it). the way you move those arms around, and the way it reminds me of how you moved them when you were inside me. the hair you have on your head, your dad calls it your terry bradshaw look. the adorable rolls you have. the hiccups you get. i’m just crazy about you. i still cannot believe you came from your dad and me. a gift from God.

you are so loved, thatcher.


2 responses to “dear thatcher (week 1)

  1. love you chronicles of love…keep writing and sharing and expressing…you bless me with your transparency!

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