dear thatcher (week 2)

i feel like i was created to be your mom, thatcher. it’s the best job i’ve ever had. ever. the hardest and most exhausting job i’ve ever had. but so worth it. you really make us work sometimes!

one of my favorite parts about this new job of mine is discovering you. just when i think i have you figured out a little bit, you change. you grow. sometimes it’s hard for me to rest when you rest because i just want to watch you. it seems like when i blink you’re different. bigger. older.

i live for those smiles you give, the way it feels to have you fall asleep on my chest. we celebrate your burps, your gas, i never knew i could get so excited in changes of poop. you completely enchant us.

i love seeing your dad in his new job as your father. we make a good team, thatcher. i could just stare at the two of you for hours…

20130216-IMG_9774 20130216-IMG_9783 20130216-IMG_9788 20130216-IMG_9791 20130216-IMG_9798 20130216-IMG_9811 20130216-IMG_9816 20130216-IMG_9822

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