dear thatcher (week 3)

life changes so fast, little man. thinking back to a year ago, when your dad and i were so busy planning our wedding, i had no idea how much our lives could change so quickly, and be so different today. i had no idea how wonderful life could be. how much joy i would have in our marriage, and now with you, thatcher. you make our family. you make our lives so wonderful. even in my wildest dreams i could not have imagined a better life for us. so much love.

i’ve been thinking a lot of how i have a new identity. i’m now thatchers mom. your friends, classmates, teachers will know me as your mom. i’m not just sheena anymore. or nathans wife. i’m a mother. it just amazes me that i get the privilege of being your mom. and being your dad’s wife. so blessed.

20130221-IMG_9833 20130222-IMG_9904 20130222-IMG_9866 20130222-IMG_9857 20130221-IMG_9838

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