dear thatcher (week 6)

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it’s taken months, thatcher, but i finally feel like myself again. a new self, because now i am your mom, but i feel good. i feel confidant again. playful. calm. no longer as crazy hormonal. i’m able to take a joke again…what a relief for your father! he tells me he loves me both as this self and that crazy woman he was married to for the last 10? few months….but i have to believe life is a little easier for him now 🙂

because you will be living with and around women, i have to tell you how crazy hormones can make us sometimes, thatcher. they can make us cry in an instant about something trivial. don’t try to understand it or figure it out, because we don’t understand it either.

someday, when you go through this precious time with your future spouse, come ask advise from your dad. because he was golden with me. when he came home to me crying because i heard sirens and he hadn’t answered his phone and i immediately had him in a horrible accident… he hugged me, made breakfast for me, and made sure i took a nap. when i cried watching we were soldiers  he held my hand and assured me we would never let you go into the military. he has been so patient and loving, it makes me fall in love with him all over again. he didn’t even spend all his time in our his garage 🙂

we make a great team, your father and i. we feel so blessed to be your parents.

2 responses to “dear thatcher (week 6)

  1. During the first month after my son was born, I cried over ham. Sounds crazy now, but I was so upset that my husband had eaten all the ham… and since I didn’t eat cold cuts while pregnant, I wanted a ham sandwich right then! lol! It was an embarrassing moment of me sobbing over ham. Thanks, hormones!

  2. “don’t try to understand it or figure it out, because we don’t understand it either.” — oh, how living & going through big life events – honestly, transparently, covered with unconditional love – can kinda show us how we are wired & created. and our moments of pure craziness.

    at least during the aforementioned moments, we know, in the moment, that we truly covered in love, and afterwards, we realize in a whole new way how incredibly lucky we are 🙂

    SO glad you’re acclimating to the new normal. thatcher changed so much in just the past week!

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