dear thatcher (week 7)

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i’m beginning to really understand how fast time goes, thatcher. i thought i knew before….but with you changing right before my eyes every day, i get it. and i’m glad i’m getting it, because it makes the time i spend with you that much more valuable. instead of marking things off my to-do list, i spend time holding you. instead of working out, i take a nap with you on my chest. getting things done and working out are important, don’t get me wrong, but with maternity leave slipping away, i want to soak you up as you are right now.

i apologized to your dad the other day for not treating him like he’s my number one priority. because it goes God, your dad, then you. i can easily be consumed with you, but need to have a balance. you know what your dad said when i apologized that made me love him even more? “i understand things are different now. you have a very small window with thatcher. before long he’ll be up and running, then all too soon he’ll graduate. you had me before him and you will have me long after him, i’m your only constant till the day i die”.

all too soon you’ll be up and running and graduating. your dad and i have only a small window of time with you living with us. i want to make the most of this little window.

you made some huge changes this last week. you are now sleeping in your crib in your room! we all are sleeping better with this change….you slept 8 hours in a row two days this week. you also clearly recognize your dad and me, which makes our hearts soar. we’ll do anything to get a smile and giggle out of you. your smiles are the best.

4 responses to “dear thatcher (week 7)

  1. oh, my! that husband of yours sure is wonderful! i imagine nate’s sweet response was God honoring your tender heart’s sensitivity to thatcher getting a little more of your time & attention than your husband. you are such an encouragement, sheena, and an inspiration as a wife & mom. i know i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again – but thank you for sharing your story so genuinely & honestly!

  2. He’s sleeping 8 hours? What! Cotlen will be 6 months old a week from tomorrow and we’re lucky if he sleeps 4 or 5 hours. It’s not hard to rock him back to sleep but it’s just tiring.

    • he’s been sleeping 8-9 hours each night, waking up to eat, and sleeping another 2 hours. he eats 6-8 ounces at a time, though! i can imagine how tiring it is to get up with colten, i get up twice to pump each night, and that’s exhausting!

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