dear thatcher (week 8)

i’m late on this one, thatcher. sometimes life (i.e. internet being down, not putting pictures i took of you on my computer, working from home/snuggling you taking priority over blogging…) happens. that doesn’t mean i didn’t mentally write you this letter over the last week.

you turned 8 weeks old on easter, and i planned to document your first easter and adorable outfit with some nice photos. but life happened again, when we were out of town and i forgot to put a memory card in my camera. (but we celebrated big: chuch, your first time swimming, and a birthday celebration for your mema!).

easter took on a whole new meaning for me this year, thatcher. i feel like i finally get it. i get how much God loves me as His child. His unconditional, amazing love for me. even though i sin and am disobedient and am completely messed up, He loves me, and He died for me. i get it now, because that’s how i feel about you as my child. i would die for you. there is nothing you can do that will make me love you less. you will mess up, but i will still unconditionally love you. you will disobey, but i will still unconditionally love you.

as i meditated on the meaning of easter this year, i kept on thinking of mary. she lost her child. for me. for you. she went through that pain so we would be saved.

i’m so thankful. so thankful for the sacrifice Jesus made for me. so thankful for how you’ve changed me and made me grow, thatcher. i’m so thankful you’re my child, so thankful we are children of God.

20130401-IMG_1300 20130401-IMG_1308 20130401-IMG_1320

2 months on your great grandma kuchta’s 89th birthday! you are such a charmer, thatcher. 20130403-IMG_1330 20130403-IMG_1338

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