maddie (9 months)

it’s amazing how fast time goes. our friend maddie is already 9 months!

we got together with maddie and her parents a few weeks ago. she was such a trooper, braving the cold and bright sunshine. it was worth it for the snuggles to warm up after, right maddie? we can’t wait to play with you again!

20130316-IMG_0172-2 20130316-IMG_0197 20130316-IMG_0227-2 20130316-IMG_042120130316-IMG_0341-2 20130316-IMG_0347 20130316-IMG_0573 20130316-IMG_0599-2 20130316-IMG_0661 20130316-IMG_0686 20130316-IMG_0692 20130316-IMG_0701-2 20130316-IMG_0706 20130316-IMG_0791-2 20130316-IMG_0817

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