dear thatcher (weeks 9 & 10)

you’ve changed in the last two weeks, thatcher. you’ve grown. you’re no longer a newborn….you’re a person. it seemed to happen overnight. you’re so aware. you’re aware of your dad and me and what we’re doing. you follow us. you know when we’re smiling, and you smile back. you have favorite things (the song “good morning Lord”…for example). you talk to us now, flailing your arms like what you’re saying is so exciting. and it is exciting to us, thatcher. we love hearing your stories. i’m crazy about your little voice.

oh, and that smile you give me after waking up? melts my heart. you smile like you’ve missed me. and i smile back because i have missed you.

sometimes i’m afraid i’m going to wear off the skin on your cheeks from kissing them so many times a day. i love being cheek to cheek with you, soaking in your smell, the way you lean against me.

we know each other, thatcher. i love that we know each other.

20130412-IMG_1451 20130412-IMG_1456 20130412-IMG_1457 20130417-IMG_1609

your daddy loves to cook while holding you. well, we love to do just about everything while holding you. and your grandma janet? so in love with you. just like us.

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