yeah you swept me away…


a year ago, honey, we said “i do” by the jump river. we kissed, you twirled me, as we became husband and wife. we broke bread together (literally, we tore apart that loaf of bread…), eating one of our favorite meals while watching our friends and family celebrate. we danced under our twinkle lights to our friends singing and playing this song:

well life is ever changing
but i will always find a constant
and comfort in your love
with your heart my soul is bound
and as we dance i know
that heaven will be found

well you send my life a whirling
darling when you’re twirling
on the floor
and who cares about tomorrow?
girl, what more is tomorrow?
than another day.

when you swept me away
yeah you swept me away
yeah you swept me away

you swept me away that day with your overwhelming love for me, nathan. and you have every day since.

people ask if our first year of marriage is what i expected. it’s been so much more, honey. filled with so much more love than i could have imagined. more tears and frustrations that i thought (thank you, pregnancy hormones!). filled with more grace and forgiveness. more fun and excitement as we bought, worked on, and moved into our first home. more amazement as we watched our son grow inside me and then enter the world. it’s been so much more than i thought it could ever be, having us become a family. my heart is full.

thank you for this first year, nathan. thank you for marrying me. for loving me. for being the most wonderful husband and father. for being a comfort and my constant. for daily sweeping me away.

i love you. and i cannot wait to see what this year brings.

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