celebrating 1 year

we spent our anniversary weekend at the cabin we stayed at during our honeymoon. and it was amazing. although we missed thatcher to bits, it was wonderful to just be nate and sheena. to cook together. to take our time eating. to sleep in….

we spent the weekend adventuring together, reminiscing about our first year of marriage, and sharing our dreams and goals for the year ahead. we’re pretty excited about what’s to come!

20130427-IMG_9646 20130428-IMG_9858


20130427-IMG_966120130427-IMG_9671 20130427-IMG_9713 20130427-IMG_9711 20130427-IMG_9694 20130427-IMG_9692 20130427-IMG_969020130427-IMG_9736 20130427-IMG_9747 20130427-IMG_9744 20130427-IMG_9742 20130427-IMG_976320130427-IMG_976420130427-IMG_975620130427-IMG_979320130427-IMG_977320130427-IMG_977220130427-IMG_977020130427-IMG_978220130427-IMG_980120130427-IMG_980620130427-IMG_981120130427-IMG_9822 20130427-IMG_9826 20130427-IMG_9828 20130427-IMG_983720130427-IMG_982020130427-IMG_9847 20130427-IMG_984920130428-IMG_9854

a big thank you to mema & papa….we hope you enjoyed playing with thatcher!

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