dear thatcher (week 12)


congratulations, buddy, you made it through your fourth trimester! we made it. we’re all alive, healthy, and happy. i’d say we’ve had a successful first 3 months!

i’ve been looking through pictures of when we first brought you home. your first bath. where has my little baby gone?

we get so excited about all the new things you’re doing. you can almost roll over. rotating 90 degrees? no problem for you. sitting in your bumbo like a big boy? you love it. you are quite the little conversationalist. you even wait your turn when we’re cooing back and forth, so polite. you’re showing us more of your personality, and even though we think you might be a little stinker sometimes, we absolutely love it. because boys should be little stinkers, sometimes.

20130424-IMG_9627 20130424-IMG_9616 20130424-IMG_9595

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