dear thatcher (week 13)

20130510-IMG_0045 20130510-IMG_0049

it’s finally spring here, thatcher. trees are budding, flowers are growing, the sun is shining. when you tell people you were born in spring of 2013, they will probably tell you stories of the never ending winter, stories of snowfall in may.

it was a never ending winter, but it taught me again things don’t go to plan. you see, when i found out you were due in january, i thought it would be perfect for my maternity leave. hibernate a little in those first few weeks, and then enjoy the sunshine, go on walks, be outdoors with you. we hibernated a lot longer than the first few weeks, and it taught me to slow down with you and just enjoy those snuggles. walks can wait. snuggles on a snowy day? the best.

your dad gifted me with four fruit trees as a push present and valentines gift, and we planted them this week. it will be fun to watch them grow with you. it reminds me that we were created to grow. i see it daily in you. you’re growing like a weed, little one.

2 responses to “dear thatcher (week 13)

  1. He is the cutest baby I have ever seen, Sheena! (Besides my two children, of course! Lol) You and the hubster need to have at least 4 more! We did not know eachother on a personal level throughout our school years, and by stumbling onto your blog, im regretful for that! I enjoy reading your posts, seeing your amazing photographs, and learning about who you are. . You interpret your life so honestly and beautifully. I find myself excited when you post something new! Your faith and family are an inspiration! Your life is like the perfect love story!

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