dear thatcher (weeks 14-15)


i cannot tell you how honored i am to be your mother, thatcher. how much God loved me to give you as my son.

on mothers day, i thought back to last year. i had strong suspicious that you were growing inside of me, but didn’t know for sure. i was second shooting a wedding in madison with our friend jessica. she looked at me and said “i’m 99% sure you’re pregnant, sheena”. all the way home from madison i thought about you. could it be true? what would you be like? would i be a good mom? how could this be? i saw your dad and gave him a big hug, knowing what a great father he would be. the next weekend we knew for sure we were going to have a child. and we rejoiced, thatcher. you were on our minds and in our prayers from the beginning. we loved you from the moment we found out about you.

and now you’re here. in my arms.

mothers day was special not only because we celebrated mothers, but it was the day of your dedication. God gave you to us to raise you, but really, you are God’s child. you are His. and we have the privilege of helping you know Him. we took vows, which were just as important to us as our wedding vows. vows to promise to raise you to know Christ. vows to live righteous as God wants us. vows for our home to be a Christian home.

i cannot wait to share our love of God with you, and for you to know Him. He’s given us so much love, thatcher.


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