dear thatcher (week 16)

there’s no stopping you now, little man. you’re rolling over! back to tummy, tummy to back…you’ve done it all. scooting to the end of your crib? nailing it. rotating a full circle on your play yard? old trick to you, now. at first your rolls were in anger….now i think you do it for fun. because seriously, how fun is it to grow and discover new things?

we have so much fun watching you discover. such a curious little man.

you’re so curious that you have trouble napping when exciting things are happening. our friend lena came to visit last weekend, and you barely slept (because #1, she’s so pretty; and #2, you have so much to say to her). after she left, you took a 4 hour nap. you’re so much like your parents, thatcher….we don’t want to miss a thing.

another thing you’ve recently discovered is grass. you were a little unsure at first, understandably. i think you’ll grow to love it. (you’ll have a lot of bonding time with it when you’re big enough to mow!).



One response to “dear thatcher (week 16)

  1. Aww! Don’t make him do yard work! He’s too cute to do any manual labor! Lol Beautiful photos, as always, Sheena!

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