sarah & keith (married!)

i first met sarah 11 years ago when i was a camp counselor at chyc and she was a camper in my “family group”. her excitement for life, energy and joy left such an impression on me. and this is what i saw on friday night, as she said “i do” to keith. i saw it as she greeted me with a hug and squeal. i saw it as she put on her dress. i saw it when she saw keith for the first time that day. i saw it as her maids of honor prayed over her before she walked down the aisle. i saw it when she greeted every single one of her guests after the ceremony. i saw her excitement for this new chapter of life with keith, the energy he brings out in her, and the joy they have together in the Lord. keith, you are one lucky man!


rings20130607-IMG_058120130607-IMG_0575-220130607-IMG_0592 getting readysarah220130607-IMG_0696 maidsgetting ready2fl20130607-IMG_1034 20130607-IMG_1057 ce20130607-IMG_1168ceremony20130607-IMG_1269cer220130607-IMG_1311-2 20130607-IMG_1313 cer320130607-IMG_1374-2 20130607-IMG_1386 20130607-IMG_1445ma men20130607-IMG_1554 hf20130607-IMG_157820130607-IMG_1465 sarahkeith20130607-IMG_1644 20130607-IMG_1646 cakedance20130607-IMG_1796

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