dear thatcher (week 18)


last week you had hot gums. diaper rash. fussed a little. i wondered if you were teething….but was it too early?

sunday, at 18 weeks, your first tooth showed up.

it’s been one of the hardest things, watching you be in pain. your poor little mouth. you giggle while we sing songs, and the moment we stop your little mouth turns down in a frown and you whimper. and my heart breaks a little, because there’s not much i can do to stop it. but the snuggles? they are the best. i love when you wrestle around a bit to find the perfect spot to nuzzle your head in my neck. i love hearing your sigh….like that sweet spot is what you’ve waited for. i love when i feel your breath slow down and feel your weight become heavier. please snuggle with me forever, baby. it means the world to your mama.

20130613-IMG_9908 20130613-IMG_9910 20130613-IMG_9917

One response to “dear thatcher (week 18)

  1. The frozen rings or cold “chew toys” were the most helpful to my kids. Also teething gel seemed to temporarily bring some relief.

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